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The capacity of our winery is 11 million litres, of which 4 million litres are contained in stainless steel tanks. In addition 400 American and French oak barrels are utilized.


We have 2 process lines in operation which provide a combined output of 7000 bottles per hour. 



Familia Fantelli was founded in the year 1974 by Jesus Carlos Fantelli and his wife, Ermelinda Lamia.Don Carlos, who had been workings as an employee in the industry for a long time by then, and who also had the experience acquired working at his father´s vineyard, initiated his own company.



The vineyards that feed our vats with their grapes have very specific features, granted by the region where they are grown.


valle central

The Santa Rosa district is 84 km east from the City of Mendoza. Most of its land is a desert. Cultivation has been possible thanks to the water of the Tunuyán River.


quality policy

Ever since out beginnings, we have tried to spread this philosophy across avery area of the business, so we work with a group of local people, most of them families of noble and simple people who are committed to their job and the Company.



Our facilities have been designed to host visitors who are interested in discovering the mystery of this fascinating industry.


We offer guided tours around the different work stations, allowing the observation of the activities involved in the process of obtaining a final product which is highly regarded by our consumers.


During the tour, patrons will visit our vineyards and get acquainted with the activities before the annual harvest; you can also enter the winery and the bottling areas and see how they work.


To finish your tour we take you to our cellars where we age our wines.


You also have the opportunity to enter the Tasting Room, where the Matt Lamb Museum is located.


We are very proud of this museum, which is the only site in the province, and the second one in the country, which have the masterpieces of this world-renowned artist. These works of art are the triggers in Argentina for the development of the “Umbrellas for Peace” project.

"Come, teach me the art of seeing my own history As if it were already ash in memory" 

- Jorge Luis Borges-



Retamo s/n - Santa Rosa - 5596 - Mendoza - Argentina
Tel / Fax: + 54 9 0263 4497089 / 4497090


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